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An effective onboarding program positively impacts employee retention, job performance, and job satisfaction.   It creates an encouraging, upbeat environment with clear indicators of how new hires should fit in and contribute.    The rewarding results include positive employee relations, retention, productivity and a return on investment. 

This Onboarding Checklist explores the five top steps for creating a successful onboarding process, vital for companies who are thinking about introducing a formal onboarding program or are looking to improve their current process.

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  1. Creating a clear and formal plan for your onboarding program
  2. Engagement, Engagement, Engagement
  3. Ongoing Education and Support
  4. Best Practices 
  5. Follow up


Yanay Zaguri
About the author:

Yanay Zaguri is a professional instructional designer and the author of multiple onboarding programs for enterprise organizations.  Today, Yanay is the Product Director at Kryon Systems responsible for the Leo Performance Support solution.

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