Case Study: Hospitality

Learn how a global hotel chain saved over $300k in training costs 


hotel case study

A large hotel and hospitality franchising organization needed to provide hotel operators and their employees with systems and training support needed to keep their business competitive. Unfortunately, high training costs, employee churn and poor communications can result in low adoption of the technologies that are in put place to help out. 

Using Kryon’s Attended Automation solution, the company implemented a ‘just in time’ process guidance and automation solution to provide their hotel associates and franchisees with relevant knowledge and support of their Property Management System (PMS) at their moment of need. 

Download our case study to learn how Kryon RPA helped the organization achieve:

  • Reduced training time for savings of $82,000 in operating costs
  • Reduced new property training done on-site by 35%, thereby saving $300,000 in travel costs
  • Reduced call volume to the help desk
  • and more...

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