Building the Business Case for RPA in Your Organization:       How HPE is Deploying RPA to Scale

As global service delivery models change, organizations are turning to RPA as a way to provide value to clients, streamline business operations, and drive profitability.  To remain competitive in today’s market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) implemented digital workforce transformation into their organization through the deployment of  the Leo RPA platform.

This case study presentation will take you through HPE’s RPA journey from POC to scaled operations resulting in a robotic workforce that delivers cost-efficient and accurate process execution within the HPE organization and beyond.

Download this case study presentation to learn:

  • How HPE demonstrated their RPA business case and RPA ROI
  • How HPE scaled their RPA operations within the organization and beyond
  • Best RPA practices and advice for those just beginning their RPA journey

 HPE Presentation at SSON-RPA Conference-July16-no video.png


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