A Free Whitepaper from Kryon and EY Exploring the Full Cost of RPA

If you’re looking to buy an RPA solution, chances are that you’ll shop around and carefully consider the prices of some promising products. But how much will a solution really cost you?

Answering that question involves examining the cost of all the work that your employees will need to do in order to make the most of RPA. That’s why it can be helpful to consider the total cost of automation (TCA) – including the costs of technology; development and technical setup; and ongoing work such as running a center of excellence, analyzing and optimizing processes, and supervising robots.

This whitepaper introduces you to the idea of total cost of automation and its implications for businesses considering RPA. Download it and learn:

  • What is TCA, and what should you know about it?
  • What are the key elements included in TCA?
  • How does Kryon minimize TCA by optimizing processes throughout the RPA lifecycle?
  • How do the one-time and ongoing costs of Kryon’s solutions compare with other RPA products?
  • How can you estimate the potential value of automating a specific task?
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