Your Successful RPA Journey Begins with Kryon Process Discovery

Process Discovery enables any enterprise to be fully automated in unprecedented time and at unparalleled cost-effectiveness expanding the benefits of RPA for maximum ROI


For countless companies around the world, getting started with RPA remains a challenge they hope to someday overcome. They know automation can help them increase productivity, prevent human error, and reduce costs. But they don’t know where to get started, and the amount of work required on the way to implementing RPA is simply too much for them.

Until now.

With the launch of Kryon’s AI-driven Process Discovery capability, getting started with RPA is easier, faster, less expensive, and more reliable than ever before.

In this free brochure, you’ll discover the key benefits of Process Discovery:

  • A streamlined approach to getting started with RPA, saving you both time and money
  • A detailed look at your business processes, including analytics
  • Intelligent recommendations regarding which processes ot automate, factoring in expected ROI
  • Automatically generated workflows, letting you automate a process instantly
  • Greater control over sensitive information, including the ability to keep specific data private