Kryon will save you $1,000,000 by finding processes for automation​

It's 3 years since Kryon Process DiscoveryTM flipped the RPA industry on its head. That's 3 years of discovering processes for hundreds of the world's leading businesses, 3 years of experience and billions of dollars saved. 

Whether you’re launching your first automation project or scaling up an existing one, the automation journey can seem daunting. After all, the time and effort it takes to uncover the known and unknown manual business processes in your organization can make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) an extremely inefficient and costly endeavor. We're here to help you get it done quickly and accurately.

Fill out the form to discover hidden processes worth up to $1,000,000 in time and resources. It'll be the most worthwhile 30 seconds of your day.

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Kryon Process Discovery™, a market-leading automated process discovery robot that uses unique technology to automatically identify work processes, visually map the main path and variants of any given process, evaluate their suitability for automation and generate workflows instantly.

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  • Immediate results for immediate ROI
  • Complete Process Visibility
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Kryon Process Discovery
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What They're Saying

"With the ten processes that we have automated, [Kryon] saves about 200 to 300 hours every month" Head of BI and Process Automation, Bank of Jerusalem
"So far, we have implemented in production dozens of Kryon RPA business processes with a few robots doing each process, and they are a big success... [We] really look forward to [using] the Kryon RPA Process Discovery product. We expect it will help us scan and find some more ‘less obvious’ processes for RPA" Iris Sclar, Robotics Department Lead, Bank Leumi
"Kryon Process Discovery is a very exciting thing. We are rolling it out to approximately 100 [virtual machines] … [and] … will be using it comprehensively for the next few years.… It's been a very exciting thing for us here at LTCG" Justin Kruse, Operations Consultant, LTCG
"After running Process Discovery, the Kryon system reported that Wyndham could reduce the duration of the process by 50% if it were automated, which would let franchisees open properties sooner" Scott Strickland, CIO, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

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Immediate Results, Immediate ROI

Our Discovery Robots and AI engine work silently to automatically identify and visually map the main path and variants of any given process. With immediate recommendations and effortless development, you realize the ROI of automation faster.

Immediate Complete Visibility

Kryon Process Discovery™ automatically maps all the discovered processes, including the most and least common variants. With a complete map of these processes, it’s easier to recognize the most efficient paths and identify opportunities that may have been overlooked, extending the RPA reach.

Fast & Efficient Automation 

Kryon’s Process Discovery software unleashes the power of Full-Cycle Automation, with its proven track record in the field and a rapidly growing base of happy customers. It continually identifies further automation opportunities for optimized performance, enabling easy scaling and cutting implementation time by up to 80%

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