Automation is helping call Centers smash their KPIs. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) has fit well in call centers. On-desktop (attended) automation has aided agents to complete processes more efficiently; off-desktop (unattended) automation has reduced 'swivel chair' routines and allowed the human workforce to concentrate on the customer. A recent study by Deloitte claims that RPA can reduce an organization's operational costs by 75%.

And that's not all! Recent developments in automation technology is accelerating the pace and efficiency of automation in call centers, making higher customer satisfaction targets attainable while further lowering the operational effort needed. 

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  • Where to point process automation projects first for the maximum efficiency.
  • How Hybrid Automation (attended and unattended combined) enables your human and virtual workforces to pass tasks back and forth to each other with full visibility, working together rather than in silos. The result: a genuine end-to-end RPA solution that combines robot efficiency and scalability with human creativity and flexibility. 
  • How Process discovery is making it easier to find and evaluate automation opportunities even before you know they're there. Find out how it works, and how it's introduced a new era for automation.

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