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Planning, Pitfalls, and Projections

The right plan is the critical factor in accelerating success.

Robotic process automation is showing no signs of slowing down, with 53% of Fortune 2000 companies planning to spend $1.46 billion on automation software solutions this year. It appears RPA is the first practical step in a more automated way of working towards a future where machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies handle all repetitive processes.

As with all momentous shifts in technology, the first steps seem daunting and chaotic. When, where, and how should you start your first RPA project? Who needs to be involved? What resources are required for success? A successful initial project, calibrated to the right objectives, can help an organization catapult past the early trials of automation and right into productive cost savings, error reduction, and automation expansion. 

In this recorded webinar, we explore the principles that make planning for RPA successful. We’ll discuss planning topics such as:
  • Identify: How to identify processes that are good candidates for automation - who should be involved and what to look for
  • Manage: How to set up a governance model that is flexible but secure
  • Source: What resources you should align with RPA, who should be brought in as a stakeholder, and why
  • Structure: Structuring your RPA project to be future-proof and scalable

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