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Automated Process Discovery is changing RPA. Let's dive into it.

Before automating processes, enterprise RPA practices spend as much at 70% of their resources on discovery and optimization. This is a barrier to seeing ROI faster from automation - worse, human-driven process selection is subject to human error, resulting in the wrong processes getting automated - or highly-automatable processes getting missed altogether.

To address this issue, we created Kryon Process Discovery: a tool that listens for, builds, and helps optimize processes without human intervention or identification of the process at all. This is a powerful tool with promise of immense return - so how does it work, and how should enterprises start using it? 

Listen to this recording to dive deeper into Kryon Process Discovery and join a live Q&A about the product. Topics we'll cover will include:

  • How Process Discovery "listens" for processes 
  • Best practices on where to start and implementation
  • Security, governance, and continual benefits
  • Demonstration of some product features

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