Wyndham Case Study LP

Learn how Wyndham Hotels and Resorts saved 647 work hours with Kryon Process Discovery™

When Wyndham acquired the La Quinta brand back in May 2018, they needed to rapidly on-board 900 hotels, and train these new employees on company-wide procedures, policies, and computer systems.

Read this success story to discover how:

  • Wyndham saved more than 647 work hours 
  • They onboarded 900 hotels smoothly, efficiently, and on time
  • Kryon's Process Discovery™ helped them identify 79 processes and recommended 26 for automation

“By using Process Discovery, we were able to [ask ourselves], ‘How do we
bring on hotels?’ And we were able to map that process out. And [Process
Discovery told us that if] you automate a few of these steps, you could
onboard these hotels a lot quicker… We met all of our deadlines, and we
were able to improve the overall experience.”

Scott Strickland, EVP and CIO at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

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